Stop Eating Crap!
Don't let the title fool you! This is more than a diet book.  Based on my SMILE Transformation Strategy coaching framework, Stop Eating Crap! Plus 4 Equally Amazing Strategies to Help You Be the Champion of Your Own Health & Happiness is your guide to creating a happy and healthy life. 

SMILE was born from my own weight loss transformation. I was an unhealthy and unhappy mother of 3 kids. I worked full time. Sometimes I ate well. Sometimes I didn't. Sometimes I worked out. Sometimes I didn't. I was never consistent because I always felt life's responsibilities came first. I used food as a way to cope, and "busy-ness" as an excuse to not exercise. I ended up having high blood, being overweight, and basically miserable in my own skin. One day I decided enough was enough, and I took control of my health and happiness. This is what
happened next:
You can have the same too!
Is Stop Eating Crap for You?

It IS if you answer "yes" to any of the following:  
Struggle with weight loss.
Don't feel good in your clothes (or naked).
Struggle with staying motivated.
Lack energy.
Feel like there's not enough time in the day.
You're ready to be the champion of your own health and happiness.
Don't just take my word for it!
Check out what others are saying about it.
Stephanie C.
"With excitement, I say Andrea motivates and inspires, and I am extremely happy and proud with what I’ve accomplished so far. My self esteem, confidence, and energy level are at their highest and I can’t wait to see myself at the finish line!"
Ben C.
"Disclaimer: 'Stop Eating Crap!' is not a weight loss book! This is a "take a look at your habits and what are you going to do to change them for the better" book."
Avis C.
"I knew my journey would be more like a marathon than a sprint. Andrea inspired me to be brave. I have fun and I don't give up."
Here's what you get:
Downloadable PDF of the workbook.  I encourage you to print out and use to write notes.
Access to a private Facebook community where you can meet other champions like you!
Supplemental videos for each chapter that offer a deep dive into each strategy. After purchase, you will receive your own login and password to the private membership site. 
Supplemental emails that enhance each strategy will be delivered straight to your inbox once a week for 5 weeks. 
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